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    I appeared on 11thMay as a General Training candidate.
    Cue Card was about favorite Musician/Band
    -Who he is?
    -Where do you met him?
    -Why he is your favorite?
    Task 1: Write a letter to counselor who is about to close playground in your area.
    Task 2: Many people think that money promotes happiness.
    What importance does money have regarding happiness?
    Give your answer with relevant examples.
    I have written essay in disagreement to above statement, In introduction i wrote thesis statement and outline statement as follows:
    This essay disagrees with this argument. In this essay i will first discuss what importance does money has related to happiness and what factors contribute to happier life.
    if i wrote introduction in a correct way or not ? i was confused wether it is agreement disagreement essay or it is 2 part question because they mentioned only 1 question,l. However, i wrote introduction by disagreeing the general statement and also answered 2 questions in different paragraphs, after that i also stated my view point at the end of conclusion. I want to ask if i attempted essay according to fine strategy or is there something wrong in my approach, and will it effect my writing band score ?

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