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    I took my test in Nigeria on May 11 and 12.
    Speaking Test 1
    Do you work or study?
    Do you think older people need more sleep than younger people?
    Do you think there are any benefits to having a short sleep in the afternoons.
    Cue Card
    Describe an unusual meal you had.
    Part 3
    Do you think people prefer restaurant food than home cooked meal?
    Why do you think people eat at restaurants?
    Do you think restaurant food represents value for money?
    What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of transporting food over a long distance?
    Writing Task 1
    One of your friends has an interview coming up and has asked for your advise on our to prepare for the interview.
    – give him advice on how to prepare for the interview
    – tell him a place and time to meet and discuss
    Writing task 2
    Some people believe that the best way to travel within a city is by car. Others believe it is best to travel by bicycle.
    – Discuss both views and give your opinion.
    I found the reading, listening and writing quite easy but I am not too sure about the speaking. I think part 1 was great, part was also okay as i deliberately used a lot of past tenses but part 3 was a bit challenging particularly the last two questions. I answered it but not fluently as I struggled to gather my thoughts.
    Thanks again and take care.

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