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    Hi All
    Had my speaking test yesterday (05/03/18) in Nigeria.
    Module ; Academics.
    PART 1
    -Are you a student or working
    -Where do you work
    -What time of the day do you prefer to work
    -Do you interact well with people at work
    -Do you write regularly
    -Do you prefer typing to writing.
    -What form of outdoor activity do you carry out regularly
    -Describe an outdoor activity you had as a child
    PART 2 (Cue card)
    – Describe an important river/lake in your country
    you should say
    what is this river called
    how long/big it is
    explain why it is important
    PART 3
    – Talk about job opportunities provided by river/lake
    -Disadvantages of water transport
    -Tourism prospect of water bodies
    -How human activities affect water bodies etc.
    That’s all i can remember for now. My parts 1& 2 were OK but i am not satisfied with my responses in part 3, i think it was inadequate. Hoping for the best though.

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