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    Hi! I’ve my academic ielts test on 1/06/2019
    Listening task – it was quite easy although I got a map which was s little tricky. Most of the questions were one word only.
    Reading task – passage 1- Aboriginal arts in Australia
    2. Effects of air pollution in indoor and outdoors
    3. Research on Academic study
    ( it was easy but I ran out of time)
    Writing – a table chart about salaries of teachers in different countries.
    W2- more and more developing countries are expanding their tourist industries. Why is this? Is it a positive development?
    Speaking – general questions about where I live, house or apartment?
    Questions related to cousins and relatives.
    Cue card – talk about a person who encouraged you?
    Follow up- it was about parents and children. How can parents motivate their children?
    From my own experience, I have found that it is very important to manage your time especially in reading and writing. Otherwise all of your hard work will be wasted.

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