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    Test type GT
    Location Nigeria
    Date July 5
    Do you work?
    What do you do?
    Do you have friends at work?
    How do you relate with your co-workers
    What kind of outdoor event do you attend?
    Briefly describe an outdoor activity you attended
    Have you been to a zoo before?
    Ever kept a pet?
    Favourite wild animal and why ?
    Should kids be taught about animals?
    Online marketing and how do they get their customers
    Part 2
    A time you had to save for something special
    What was the thing
    How did you save
    Part 3
    Do you young people save?
    What do young people save for?
    Between male and female, who saves better?
    Should parents teach their children how to save?
    I was tensed throughout the exam, probably because it was my first attempt. I’m not sure this will go well but I hope for the best.
    Thank you

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