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    Hi all,
    Here are my speaking exam questions
    -Have you ever had a pet
    -What makes pats good
    Describe a person who is intelligent
    -Who is he/she
    -When did you meet
    -Why do you think he/she is intelligent
    -Do you think all intelligent persons are smart
    -What should we do to educate our kids
    I’d like to ask you some questions
    -If I don’t know a spesific word in the question, is it okey to say that I didn’t know that word and ask for synonyms?
    -Am I allowed to see the time in part two? Because it is hard to estimate how much time left

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    yes its totally fine to ask meaning of any word that you dint get.. thats fine but to look at time is not possible because that is how they test you.. best of luck for your result.

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    Yes you can ask for clarification about a question from the examiner. It is up to the examiner how much they would like to help. One thing to remember is that there are no marks for the contents of your answer so even saying “I'm not sure what you mean by XYZ but I believe that ….”. This way you will give the examiner what they are looking for i.e. a well constructed answer in proper English sentence with good grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency.

    Unfortunately, most IELTS test centres won't let you take a watch or phone with you inside the exam room. So it may not be possible to look at the time.
    The best approach for part 2 is to keep speaking until the examiner stops you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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