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    Part 1
    Where do you live
    What you don’t like about your city.
    Do you continue to live there 2 minutes talk
    Something you borrow from someone which was very useful
    What is it
    How long you kept it
    Why it was useful
    Do you think you should always take permission when borrowing something? Why?
    Do you borrow valuable things? why?
    Do you think people in general like to borrow valuable things? Why?

    3rd Part
    Do you think it is necessary to take permission from musicians before using their songs?
    What do you think about unauthorized music downloads? Why do you think so?

    Writing -GT
    You are invited to deliver a speech about your country in (some) international association in a foreign college.
    Accept the invitation and confirm the date
    What you will include in the speech
    What supportive equipment are needed

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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