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    Dear All,
    Here is my recall of yesterday’s test. It was a General Training computer-based test on November 7th, 2019.

    Part 1 Work/study? When did you study math? Do you like math? Why not? Do you read electronic books?
    Part 2 A game show/quiz programme that you watched. How often do you watch it? Do your friends watch it? Do you like the show? Why?
    Part 3 Do people watch programmes on TV or on the Internet more? Why? What kind of shows do people watch? Why do people like to watch blind dates show? Do you think children in the past had the same games as people now? Do you prefer traditional games or modern ones? Why?

    Writing Task 1
    1.Your friend is visiting your town. Write a letter to give him/her some suggestions on places to visit and where to find cheap accommodations. You should tell him/her in the letter:
    1.When is the best time to visit your town
    2.What are the interesting places to visit
    3.Where to find cheap accommodation

    Task 2
    People think a law should exist so that young people under 18 cannot be out after the midnight. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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