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    Here my exam details
    Exam type: Academic (Speaking)
    Date: 13/12/2017
    Duration: 11-14 minutes
    Country: Nigeria
    Venue: Colonades, Ikoyi
    PART 1: Please state your full name
    Where are you from?
    How do you celebrate your birthday?
    Which years birthday’s are more significant?
    Who is your favorite artist?
    Do you prefer to go to a concert or listen alone?
    Have you ran into any artist before?
    PART 2: Cue card: A plan that you have not done yet
    Why you haven’t done it yet
    When are you going to do it
    Have you told anyone about this plan
    PART 3: What is the role of government in policy making
    What are the obstacles for implementing this policies
    When is the best time to start planning for kids
    How different is planning for older generations compared to the younger generations

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