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    Hello, i had my speaking test today in Nigeria. (Academic ielts)
    part 1.
    -Do u work or study? wheredo u work?
    -what degree or certificate u had to get?
    -Are there other things u need to do to progress in your career?
    -what is your daily meal time like?
    -is there any difference in your eating habit btw now and when u were a child.
    -is there someone u like to eat with.
    -do u prefer tp cook or eat out? why
    part 2.
    Talk about an interesting person u know that is a foreigner. either u met in person or u heard about the person.
    who this person is?
    what the person does?
    why this person is interesting to you.
    part 3
    -what is the difference btw products made by international companies and the local products. And why is there difference
    -Advantages and disadvantages of working abroad
    -will cultural differences affect international companies
    -why is it essential for countries to come together and help each other.

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