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    Nov 4, 2017 Academic New zealand
    Part 1 – describe your hometown, is it good to live there? What do you do on your spare time? Do you spend more time at home or outdoor?
    Part 2
    School rules that you agree or disagree with.
    What is that rule
    What happen if you dont follow it
    Explain why you agree or disagree
    Part 3
    Question related to rules, how law have change forgot most of it! Sorry!
    The listening was mixture of driver’s license application, student talking and child psychology history
    The reading was so difficult! The passages was not really straightforward and need to analyze the question to get the answer!
    Writing task 1
    Bar garph about the amount and method of waste disposal in europe from year 2005-2008
    Writing task 2
    Its difficult for people living in the cities to do physical exercise.
    Why? And whats are the solution to solve this problem?

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