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    Hello Friends,
    I had given my LRW module on 8th of july 2017, the contents being as follows:-
    Task 1 – a graph showing production time taken by 4 american car manufacturers between 1988 and 2002.
    Task 2 – many people believe that government should give free education to all students (primary, secondary & university). Other’s believe that student should pay for their own university fees.
    Do you agree or disagree.
    Describe about both sides.
    Give your opinion about it.
    A map where i made few miss outs and furniture service complaint cell call and also a study research in chemical laboratory.
    2 articles based on dairy development in new Zealand and modes of intercity transport development from buses to subways and trains. 1 research article on mysterious creature pterosaurs. Scientists mr.wilkinsons findings and thinkings.
    Hopefully i think i did well in LRW but could have done better in listening i suppose. My speaking is on 10th of July. Will update it too later on.
    Once again thanks for all the lessons and help,
    Would surely recommend all my fellow test takers to follow this site.

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