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    Today i had my speaking test (6/7/18) LWR is 7/7/18 for GT
    Center – new jersey, usa
    Part 1
    do i study or work?
    did i study anywhere before?
    why i choose this college?
    do i use maps?
    electronic or paper?
    why electronic?
    who taught you to use maps?
    part 2
    do like participating in competitions (eg cooking, singing, dancing)
    what competition you would like to participate
    how will you prepare for it?
    part 3 follow up questions on competition mainly competition at work, healthy competition, why competition is necessary etc
    one question that stood out for me was can someone teach you competition

    I cohesively made up a story for my cue card but it didn’t last the stipulated time. the examiner simply looked at me and i have no clue what i spoke afterwards. thats when i got a little nervous and had to calm myself down.
    i somehow felt i din do amazing but once she stopped recording, she said ‘all the best for tomorrow. i hope you will nail the exam tomorrow just like you nailed this one’. is this a good sign?

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