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    Ielts 21 Jan 20 academic
    Part 4 – about plant, have difficult vocabulary eg zinc and irrigation.

    Reading – generally easy, I have 20 minutes left

    Task 1 – 2 maps shows a particular village in the UK in 2000 and now
    Task 2 – some children found some subjects eg mathematics and Philosophy difficult that these subjects should be optional instead of compulsory. To what extent do you agree.

    Part 1
    – where do you live?
    Anything you don’t like about the places you live
    – Langauages
    – what languages do you speak?
    Where do you learn English?
    What other languages do you want to learn?

    Part 2 – describe a photography at your home you like

    Part 3
    – Should art be compulsory in primary and secondary school
    – Should adults have art lesson
    – What is the advantages and disadvantages of taking photos using phone
    – Some people think that photography is not art, what do you think?

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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