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    Exam Date: 9th November, New Delhi, Golden Tulip
    Hi ,
    I just got over with my speaking test.
    Part 1- Where are you living
    Apartment or residential
    Where are you working
    Which place I like to visit
    Most recent place already visited
    My favorite room in the house
    One place I would like to visit in the future
    Part 2- Describe your favorite song and why do you like it and where did you heard that music?
    Part 3- Difference between the present music and old generation music.
    Importance of music in your life
    Government should invest in music
    My exam was overall pretty decent but while talking about the Qcard section I made a brief pause for 5 seconds because I did kind of just went clueless and got nervous all of a sudden but then I continued speaking throughout the whole test and didn’t make any pause after that. Will my marks be deducted for those 5 seconds or they will see the overall performance?
    I have my LRW exam tomorrow. Wish me luck. Thank you

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