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    Hi all,
    I had my speaking test today. Please find below the details:
    New Delhi
    General Test
    Part1 : General Introduction
    Who is your favorite Pop Star?
    Would you like to become one?
    What do you do .. Job or study?
    Do you like your current job?
    Would you like to stay in the same job in future?
    Part 2 : Topic:
    Is there something which you haven’t done from long time but you always wanted to do?
    What is that thing?
    Why you want to do it?
    Is it easy or difficult to do?
    Why are you not able to do it?
    Part3: Discussion
    Who do you want to become a Pop Star or a Theatre Artist?
    Do young people have goals these days?
    Is it necessary for young generation to have goals?
    How parents are supporting their children to achieve their goals? (A Counter Question)
    Does the government needs to set any goals for the society?
    What they should be?
    Is government allowing several industries for the benefit of society?

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