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    Hi All,
    I had my Listening, Reading & Writing parts yesterday.
    General Training
    08th July, 2017
    New Delhi (India)
    Listening Section 1:
    Conversation between a customer and an insurance company’s agent regarding the claim
    for the damaged and missing items while shipping goods to overseas.
    Listening Section 2:
    A lady called her friend and left a message on voicemail guiding her how to travel the new are which is she is aware of (Map was a bit tricky)
    Listening section 3:
    Two students were discussing about their project (multiple questions & Fill in the blanks)
    Listening Section 4:
    A lecturer describing how time was measured in the earlier times like Sand glasses and Sun’s position were used (Fill in the blanks with no more than 3 words)
    Reading exam was a bit lengthy and there True,False & Fill in the blanks. However, the trickiest part was that in the Section 2, there were Questions&Answers with no more than 3 words instead fill in the blanks.
    Also, the section 3 was lengthy as the Match the headings paragraphs were 3 instead 1 and included 3 diagrams (which was new to me)
    Task 1: Write a letter to your friend who is from a different country and invite him/her to a party.
    – Explain the reason for party.
    -Invite him/her.
    -How to get to your place.
    Task 2:
    Some people think that going to university is good, other people think that university is not always best for everyone. Discuss both views and give your opinion?
    Deepak Joshi

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