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    Hi All,
    I have given my Speaking test today i.e. 04th July, 2017
    Type : General Training
    Date : 04th July, 2017
    Location : New Delhi, India
    Part 1:
    Q.1: Where do you live?
    Q.2: Is it an interesting place to live? Why?
    Q.3: Will I live in the same place in Future? Why?
    Q.4: Do you like looking yourself in a Mirror? Why?
    Q.5: How many times do I look in a mirror in a day?
    Q.6: Do I like decorating my room with Mirrors? Why?
    Q.7: Have I ever purchased mirror from the market?
    Part 2:
    A job that is well paid for you –
    – Who all are the people involved
    -Why do you think it’s a well paid job
    – (there was 2 more points to cover)
    Followed with another short question which I don’t remeber.
    Part 3:
    Q.1: What are the major or highly paid jobs in my country?
    Q.2: Does people choose their career based on highly paid jobs?
    Q.3: What other jobs should become highly paid in my opinion?
    Q.4: Apart from Salary, what other factors could be considered for Motivation of an employee?
    Q.5: Do you think self motivation is better than being motivated by others?
    Deepak Joshi

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