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    IELTS General – New Delhi, India – 02/08/2018
    The listening and reading were okay-ish in-terms of difficulty. However, I would like to intimate fellow readers to be vigilant as nowadays there are some small questions which have chances of being missed due to the conversation being relatively small. I missed 4 questions in PART – 3 listening as I was under the impression that it the conversation just started. It was regarding two people in which we had to select whether they will be doing the designated task in the question together or independently.

    Writing – General
    Task – 1: Write a letter to the principal of the school in which your child is going to international trip. The school had asked some parents to join. Write a letter to express your willingness. Include:
    1) What can you do? [I wrote that my son is going with 7 friends who keep coming to our house and are known to me. As such, I can deal with on my own and reduce the burden)
    2) Why do you want to go? [As no doctor was accompanying the students and I am a trained paramedic. As such, in the case of an emergency I will be there.]
    3) Ask questions pertaining to the trip? [Questions about whether students will get tetanus shots, will they undergo pre-departure medical, when will the final details of the plan be shared with us.]

    Task 2: (A tricky questions as per me) – New technology improvs the life of workers while some disagree. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
    I have a doubt regarding the task 2. It talks about “NEW TECHNOLOGY”, I feel we had to write that the new technology improves the lives of workers. I wrote about the old generation of computers were hampering the health of employees while now the new improvisation is a good thing. (For against) It is hard for the employees to deal with the changes happening at a rapid pace which impacts their performance. Do you think I achieved the task properly?

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