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    I took my IELTS speaking test in Delhi today afternoon. I opted for General Training Module.
    Part 1 Questions were about myself, my work, why did I choose this work? How did I feel on the first day of work? Do you plan before going on vacations? What is important to be done before going on vacation? When and where did you last go on a trip which is is memorable to you? Do you plan to go for vacation in the near future? If yes, where?
    Part 2 Cue Card was to talk about my childhood friend- What’s the name of the friend? How did you meet? What would you do together? And explain why do I still remember her? and follow up question was that, Am I still in touch with any of my childhood friends?
    Then Part 3 Questions were all to do with the Involvement of technology in teenagers’ life, Their interaction with friends, whether they listen to the advice of their parents or their friends, should children be having less number of friends or more and why? What is the difference of having friendship earlier and now and lastly the role of internet in friendship. Whether it is good or bad?
    My examiner was very polite and made me feel very comfortable. And I also tried giving all the answers naturally with a flow. However when I was explaining the last point of Part 2, she stopped me. Would it effect my band as I couldn’t answer the last part fully? And further I was just asked 4-5 Questions in Part 3. Is that enough? Although I tried giving full answers with expalanation and examples, still i fear…
    Please answer my queries so that I know where do I stand… Thanks

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