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    Location-New Delhi
    Today I gave my test and there is a very easy, but i was prepared to myself for hard one.
    Section-1: conversation for buying house in lodon.
    Questions like telephone, address, rate, pincode, loaction, requirements and preference.
    Multiple choice questions on research of moa bird in newzealand.
    Section-3 don’t remember
    Section-4 on bicycle changes over a 1860s.
    I found these all are from cambridge only so, be serious on cambridge books and prepare by them.
    Section-1 T/F/NOT GIVEN till 7
    8 to 13 question answer.
    Section-2 finding information from paragraph
    Section-3 multiple choice question and yes/no/not given.
    I was prepaeed from cambridge and all the questions come from their only.
    Task 1》student accomodation plan in building comparision 2010 and today.
    Tast 2》plant and animals species are declining in some countries.
    Causes and solution.
    Yesterday Speaking-part 1》 normal what you do and your schedule is busy or not.
    Task 2》 speak on the book which one you remember. Which book? What you find in that? What it is about?
    In speaking they ask me questions on the answer which were i gave them.
    Reading and listening-all the pattern are from cambridge books 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.
    You can find these books from online pdf also then you do xerox.

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