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    June 4
    Section 1: Do u work or study?
    do u use map?
    Where do live home or apartment?
    Which room do u like the most in your home?
    Have u guide to anyone?
    Had you saved money when you were child?
    What had changed in money saving behaviour now than in childhood?
    Section 2: what would like to replace?
    why do u want to replace it?
    section 3: do u think u can replace your accomodation sooner?
    why do people frequently replace any thing?
    is it good to replace?
    do u think youth generation are more forward to replace the things?
    Why people don’t like to do online shopping? Why they still like doing shopping in shopping mall?
    I was so shocked that she asked me a lot type of question which arent relevent with each other. However, I answered fluently.
    But in cue card topic in section 2, I answered that I want to replace my current accomodation because it don’t have sufficient facility, as I need for my daily life such as water , no balcony , no free space in front side and blah blah….( is this answer right?) Do they concern about the content? or just they see how fluently and correctly we deliver speaking skills? After leaving test room, I realised that can accomodation be replaced? Did she asked me a lot of question because I answered something else?please tell me, is my answer relevant to this question? I am so much worried about it
    Thanks in advance

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