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    Hi, I gave my speaking test today in Mumbai,India
    do you work/study?
    Did you take any training for your work
    would you continuw with same kind of work for which training you recieved
    Do you like when it rains where you live
    Does it rain a lot in the city
    How rain affects a person’s mood?
    Have you ever faced any such situatuon where you were without an umbrella or raincoat
    Do you watch world or local news
    Do you share it with your friends
    Would you like to become a news reporter
    Describe a place in your country which is not known by tourists?
    Was this place recommended by someone to you?
    Do you think tourism has a negative effect on the environment of the place tourists visit?
    Do you agree or disagree with some places that restrict the entry to tourists?why?
    Do you think in future tourists will prefer virtual tour over what they have been doing now?

    The test went really well.I got stuck in part 2 and 3 because of the question types ,I think i fell short of ideas to speak on them and also during the part 3 environment based question i was talking about damage to property and then the examiner corrected me about the enviroment that is topic we are dicussing. I have LRW test tomorrow and my only question is I feel i was quite fluent and used good vocabulary but only concern is will i be marked for speaking too little in part 2 and 3? there were no ideas hitting my mind to extend the answers

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