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    I gave my speaking test today at Mumbai, India.
    Part 1
    Where do you live? House or apartment?
    Which part of the apartment/ house you like more?
    Why are people chosing to live in a city?
    Have you ever been to any city?
    Which city you would like to visit in future?
    Why there are more buildings rather than houses in city?
    Part 2 CUE CARD
    Which job you would be interested in future?
    What is this job?
    What skills are required for this job?
    Where you heard about this job from?
    Explain why you were interested in this job?
    Part 3
    Do people change job in your country? Why?
    Do you think employee are given prioprity? Will they gain in near future?
    Why do some people get highly paid ? And some poorly paid?
    What types of job does yound people choose to go for?

    I was unable to hear two questions during the exam and i asked examiner to repeat it, like i said ” Sorry, I did’nt get that” twice. Is that a good sign?
    She interupted me many times, which made me scared and i was feeling i went wrong.
    In first part i answered the examiner that I live in a house and i rectified saying I am sorry, i wanted to say i live in an apartment. Is that okay??

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