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    IELTS Academic Speaking 27/11/2018 Mumbai, India
    Part 1:
    Talk about where you live.
    What do you like about the place you live in?
    Do you enjoy spending time in parks or gardens?
    Do you prefer empty spaces or parks with activities?
    What can be done to improve parks/gardens in your locality?
    DO you enjoy cooking?
    DO you prefer a home-cooked meal or eating out at restaurants?
    WHat according to you is the importance of cooking?
    Part 2: Cue Card
    Talk about a teenager you know.
    How do you know them?
    How long have you known them?
    Talk about whether or not you like them, and mention why.
    Part 3:
    What according to you are the qualities of a teenager?
    In your country, what is the general attitude of teenagers towards elders?
    What is the difference between the attitude of children as compared to teenagers?
    Are role models of today mostly young adults or older people?
    Do you think this trend will change in the future?

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