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    I did my GT exam yesterday Oct 8th, computer base.

    Live in house or apartment, how long.
    what is your favorite room.
    borrow things, have you borrow book from your friend, why.
    Are you willing to borrow things to your friend.
    Would you borrow money from your friend.

    A person you know who has interesting/ creative idea/ opinion.

    topic related to ideas, innovation.
    Does children behave/ think like their parent. teacher influence students?
    Why people come up new idea, innovate new stuff etc.

    Task 1 :
    You and your colleague want to use a company room. Write a letter to your manager and ask for permission.
    -Explain why you need that room
    – Which room, why.
    – What changes will need to be done there?

    Task 2:
    because the modern technology, it is no longer necessary for people to learn handwriting skill, but others believe that handwriting is still an important skill. discuss both and give your opinion base on your experience.

    I was surprise that the examiner didn’t ask me about work or job as all my previous examiner did. And the examiner was laugh loudly when I was talking an example during part 2. I dont know it is good or bad… Hope I can get a good result. Thanks again for all your useful information!

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