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    Ielts academic
    Moscow, Russia
    1) don’t remember exactly, about rent equipment for camping
    2) map
    3) don’t remember
    4) architecture design in airports connected with people’s feelings inside it when they are waiting a plan
    Remember Only R3 – about Australian fossils and their connection with human race in Ice Age/climate change
    1) bar chart about unemployment in 5 countries – Poland, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Hungary in 2005 in two age groups – 15-24, and others
    2) many people think that government should spend more money on sports facilities for top athletes. Other people think that it should be spent on sports facilities to all people in country. Discuss both and give opinion
    1) hometown, meal times, name
    2) who you think is a good parent, why
    3) parent allow children to watch tv, good/bad, should be controlled or not, do you think you will be a good parent, who spent more time with children (father or mother), how working people can look after children in your country

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