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    My IELTS Academic exam was on 13 February 2020. I must say, the listening exam was rather faster as compared to what I mostly practiced. The writing test was rather long and I really just had to to rush through the Last 10 questions. I found the last essay to be very long.

    The writing task 1 had a given table on the cost of coffee in six cities of Australia.

    Writing task two was an opinion essay on: Some people are natural leaders, whilst others have to learn skills to become leaders. I really tried to include all key writing tasks pointers in these two.

    The speaking test started with questions on my name, whether I work or study., and whether they had been any major changes in my work place. Then I was asked what I do when I am alone. At this stage I actually mentioned my hobbies. Then I was asked what else I do in my spare time. I fumbled a bit, and this is only the actual time I threw in a bit of mixed ideas during the whole session.
    I was given a cue card to talk about a crowded place that I had been to. Where it was, whom I was with and how I felt about it. I did my best.
    The follow up questions were on my views on the causes of crowding in the cities, whether the situation could get worse such that metro areas no longer even have parks, and how this could be alleviated.

    Generally in the whole test, I think the listening and writing was ok. Its in the reading and speaking test where i think I had challenges of time and mixed ideas respectively. I hope the results will take me through.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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