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    Today was my speaking test
    The test ran for 11 to 14 mins I would love to contribute my test experience which would further help others

    Part 1
    Do you work or study?
    Do you like running?
    Would you like to watch running Competition on television?
    Do you like art?
    Do you have art on your walls and do you like it?

    Part 2
    Write about a famous person who you would like to meet who is he why is he in the news what would you do after meeting him in person

    Part 3
    It was all about reporting
    What do you like about reporting?
    How do you think is current reporting compared to before?
    Why do famous people try and come in the news?
    Is local and international reporting important?
    The test overall was kind of normal for me. In between in part 2 my examiner was trying to show me signs of yawning and disinterest which I didn’t heed to much and kept speaking. However, the rest of the test I was looking at him in the eye and smiling.

    Lets hope for the best.
    Thank you fingers crossed
    In part 3 I thought it would be a comparison and it was all about reporting

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