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    Test date: Oct 28 2017
    Test Center: Mississauga, Canada
    General module
    Task 1: A group of business people visited you at work and you found a coat that belongs to someone on their team.
    Write a letter to the leader of the group
    – tell them why you enjoyed their visit
    – explain why you think it belongs to someone on their team
    – suggest how you can return it
    Task 2: Some people think that learning to play a musical instrument is a waste of time. However, some think is has benefits in many ways.
    Discuss both views and give your opiniion.
    Section 1
    Full name.
    Where do you come from?
    How long have you lived there?
    What is special about the place you come from?
    Does your name have a meaning?
    Are there common names from the place you come from?
    Is there a special function for naming a child in your place?
    Do you remember your friends from primary school?
    Do you make time to keep in touch with friends and how?
    How do spend your time with friends?
    Section 2:
    Talk about what you learnt in science in secondary/high school.
    – What subjects you had in school?
    – Modes of learning
    – Were the teachers qualified?
    Section 3:
    What books are are available to help us know the developments in science?
    Does TV plan an important role in giving information about science?
    How important is science in our daily life? Give an example?
    What about maths? Give an example?
    Do governments have to regulate scientific developments?

    I was able to perform well in the listening and reading parts. I was not satisfied with my performance in the Writing test as I had not practiced enough. I know that I have written whatever I felt but my use of synonyms or linking words were not that good. I’d say I panicked (It’s there in my name ). The Speaking test was a far better experience compared to Writing. Though I was nervous, the conversation with the interviewer went well. I felt comfortable talking to her.
    I’d used the practice tests in the Cambridge IELTS books as my resources to prepare for the test.
    Strategy and Practice are the keys to success for this test.

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