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    Hi Everyone,
    I took my IELTS test on 7/7/18, Location Miami, USA. General Module
    Listening Part 1 is about mother registering her son in swimming lessons, second is about dept store map and third is about some course work(this one is little tricky), last part is about Australian Art
    Reading is little lengthy, one part is about an Autistic person, I don’t remember the rest.
    Writing Part 1 is writing a letter to program director complaining about a course that I took recently at a night school
    Part 2 – People are less fit and active nowadays than in the past, what are the reasons for this? what measures can be taken to fix this?
    Part 1 about my work, what time of the day I work better, if I like writing now, if I used to like writing when I was a kid and a few questions about pictures and travelling
    Part 2 is about a picture of me, who took it, where is it taken
    Part 3 more questions about pictures, whether I like digital or print outs and if I like any pictures of myself and so on.
    Thanks for the help!

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