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    Date: 25 october at 10:00 am
    my speaking part 1:
    1.where do you come from?
    2.Do you live in a house or an apartement?
    3.Do you want to change your home in the future?
    4. which of your room do you like most?why?
    5. do people in your country live mostly in cities? why?
    6. do you like living in a city? why?
    7. tell me about your last visit of a city?
    8. do like to live in a house or an apartment?
    Describe a time that you changed your mind:
    1. what was it?
    2. when it happened?
    3.why you change your mind?
    4. and how you felt after that you changed your mind?
    Part3: you think people should change their mind?why?
    2. why it is hard for older people to change their mind?
    3. do you think mobile phones and internet have helped people to change their mind?
    4. do you think people change their mind in emotional situations or rational situations?

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