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    task 1. A chart showing new house constructions in different regions from year 1999 to 2002
    task 2. People will buy a product if it has quality or fulfill their needs. There is no need for advertisement and considered as a form of entertainment. To what extent do you agree or disagree with it?

    Part 1 About where you live Do you enjoy living there Pen or pencil any why Last time purchasing a pen or pencil How would you feel if any one give you a pen as gift Which subject at high school is preferable in your country and why
    Part 2 About your recent purchase – What is it When and where you bought it What problems did you find while using it for the first time
    Part 3 For what kind of product people face problems for using it for the first time Do you think written instructions are useful for that Do the elder and younger people face the stated problem for same kind of items

    I am not that much of satisfied with my performance 😥 Specially messed up during the speaking test because of the examiner asking for examples too many times and stopping me when I’m still in the middle of my conversation. Also I went blank and could not speak for 2 minutes in part 2
    I’m worried if I’ll get band 6.5 or not as I got to much tensed facing IELTS for the first time.

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