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    IELTS GT | 29th July |Melbourne ,Australia
    Writing Task 1
    Your local council has asked some ideas for improving facilities for tourists for your town
    What are the current facilities?
    what improvements do you suggest?
    what are the benefits of tourism in your town?
    Writing Task 2
    Some people think that giving expensive presents to children is a bad idea.
    Give your opinion . (exactly this )
    General questions…about me
    do you remember dreams after you wake up?
    are you interested in knowing others dreams?
    are you curious to know more about dreams and how they are formed?
    Cue card-
    Who is the most interesting person you have come across (could be a movie star/sports/writer)
    what do you know about their background?
    what inspired you to know about them?
    why do you think he/she is interesting?
    Hope this helps,

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