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    hi everyone,
    i just gave Academic Ielts in melbourne on 29 July
    Part 1
    a table and a bar chart were given reflecting the trend in money spent by average overseas student in four different countries. The table showed amount spent per week while the bar chart depicted the breakdown in terms of accommodation, living costs and tuition.
    More and more people are exploring their family history. What are the reasons for this? Do
    you think is it a positive or negative development?
    section 1: talk between an agent and prospective renter for an apartment
    section 2: talk about a recreational park in Australia, and a map
    section3: discussion between two students about impact of mozart
    section: impact of pollution on buildings.
    Part1: intro, work, work if balance.
    what sort of tv programs i watch?
    Part2: house chores, how much i contribute now? importance of house chores for kids.
    Part3: speak about a future holiday plan. What is the plan? what are going to do? why are you going to do it? would you plan to go there again?
    Part4: toursim future is it going to boom?
    Conservation of tourist spots?

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