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    Academic (Computerized)
    October 19, 2018
    Manila, Philippines
    Task 1: a pie chart shows a percentage of total music sales among different music industries in the years 1997,2002 and 2007.
    Task 2: In many countries, people deciding to have a child in later age than in the past. Why is this? Do the advantage of development outweigh the disadvantages?
    Task 1:
    Where do you live?
    Will you recommend this place?
    I forgot the rest of the questions..but there were so many questions!
    Task 2:
    Tell a story that someone told you that you remember so well.
    Task 3:
    Is storytelling important nowadays?
    Do you tell storytelling in English or in your native language?
    Do the school provide a subject about storytelling?
    Listening and Writing are quite easy but I had a hard time in Reading and Speaking….Hope I will reach the band score of at least 6.5

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