IELTS Exam – Manila, Philippines – June 10 2017

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    Academic ielts examjune 8, 2017
    Manila, Philippines
    part 1
    where do you live? is it a good place to live in? are you planning to stay there for a long time? what is interesting about it?
    do you wear a watch when you were a child? why do you thin children should wear a watch? why do you think some people like to wear expensive watches?
    do you travel from work to your house? how long is it?
    part 2
    describe a book that you want to read gain
    -explain why you want to read it again
    -what is it about
    – i forgot about the third question already, sorry!
    part 3
    -do children need to learn how to read while they are still young?how important is it for them to have bedtime stories? what is the difference with the reading habits before and now? what are the effects of reading thru ebooks? do you think the reading habits of people will change in the future?
    writing task 1
    -two pie graphs about the main reasons why student choose a particular university in the UK between 1987 and 2007.
    writing task 2
    -some people believe that it is possible for a country to be economically progressive and have a clean environment at the same time. Some disagree.
    discuss both views and give your opinion.

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