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    Module: Academic
    Speaking Exam Date: 08/23/2018
    Written (L,R,W): 08/25/2018
    Location: Manila, Philippines

    I just want to share my exam questions.
    For Speaking, the examiner asks:
    Part 1:
    – Why are you taking IELTS?
    – Are you a student or do you work?
    – Do you listen to music?
    Part 2:
    Cue Card:
    Talk about someone who took a photo of you
    – where were you?
    – what where you doing?
    – who took the photo?
    – what were your thoughts about the photo?
    Part 3:
    – do you think picture is necessary in newspapers?
    – do you think without pictures, newspapers will be less credible?
    *forgot the rest but the examiner asks me plethora of questions on this part*
    – Hoping and praying for a good results.

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