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    I took my IELTS test last Saturday. Here are the test questions appeared on the exam(as far as I remember).
    Manila, Philippines
    (Part I)
    Whats your full name?
    Do you work or study?
    What work do you do?
    Do you exercise?
    How often do you exercise?
    Are you planning to do exercise in the future?
    Do you think young people still do exercise?
    (PART II)
    Which season do you like the most?
    Whats the weather like?
    What do you do in that season?
    Whom you enjoy it with?
    (Part III)
    Aside from Farming, what other types of business are affected because of the weather change?
    What will happen to the business?
    What will happen to the employees?
    Was weather change a good or a bad thing for business?
    Listening Test topics are about Maps, kind of Whales, and Salt history.
    The only topic I remember for Reading is the topic for Scientists study Asteroids and taking it to Earth.
    Writing Task 1: Changes in the percentage rate of Broadband Internet users in 4 Countries.
    Writing Task 2: What Advanced Science cannot do, that Music and Arts can do? Discuss both sides. (I forgot the exact question)

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