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    July 15, 2017 – Manila
    Part 1:
    Do you work or study?
    Do you feel you have to work hard in your work?
    What do you do in the evening?
    What do you carry with you everyday?
    Is it the same things you carry during the evening?
    Do you play computer games or board games?
    What board games have you played when you are a child?
    What board games you want to learn?
    Part 2
    What is your plan in life that is not related to work?
    Why do plan this?
    What will you do to achieve it?
    What will you feel when you achieve it?
    Part 3?
    Do you think people need to have a day to day planning?
    Why do some people don’t plan their day ahead?
    Do you think one can do their task if they don’t plan it?
    Task 1
    Table about cars made in 3 countries for 3 periods
    Task 2
    Many animal creatures are becoming extinct because of human activities.
    Why is this happening and what things should be done to prevent it?
    Thanks All for the advices. Your site is really helpful to me! My exam results will be released on July 28. I will share my results afterwards. Again, thanks All.

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