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    I took my GT speaking test today 28th June 2018.
    Location: Malaysia
    Part I:
    Do you work or do you study?
    What do you do in your free time?
    How many hours do you sleep?
    How many hours do you think people usually sleep?
    When do people exchange gifts in your country?
    When did you receive a gift that you didn’t like?
    Part II:
    Talk about a river in your country.
    Where is the river located?
    How big is the river?
    Why is it important?
    Part III:
    Let’s talk about water. Why do you think people like water activities?
    Do you think it’s good to encourage children to do sport?
    What sport did you prefer when you were a child?
    Why do you cause the problem of ocean pollution?
    I can’t recall all but that’s what I could remember.

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