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    Hi All,
    Here are my exam questions. Type : General , Date of Exam : 30 June 2018, Country : Malaysia.

    Writing Task 1 :
    Write a letter to your company that you going to training course.
    this should include
    1) details about the training.
    2) How it will benefit your job.
    3) how you arrange yourself with the schedule.
    Your answer must start with
    Dear … ,

    Writing Task 2:
    Now-a-days culture is more or less same around the world when compared to previous.
    is this a positive trend or negative trend.

    Last paragraph is about endangered species.

    Listening :
    Last part is about telescope invention and its evolved over the years.

    Part 1:
    About dictionary.
    Do you like soft copy or hard coy to refer.
    If a friend gave you dictionary as a gift, how would you feel.
    About Work:
    How do you feel at work.
    What time your energy levels are high during working.
    is it good to have colleagues as friends ? if yes, then why?
    Part 2:
    What is to be a perfect vacation.
    your answer must include.
    1) with whom you want to go
    2) where do you want to go
    3) when do you want to go.
    Topic 3:
    1) to be a good vacation, is it necessary to be expensive.
    2) if company is providing you the holiday trip, how would you feel.
    3) in your country what type of vacations normally have.
    4) why people prefer short time vacation.

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