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    Module: Academic
    August 25: Written Test
    August 26: Speaking Test
    Location: Malaysia

    Writing Task 1: The figures show the number of people in Europe who were affected by four types of noise pollution by day and by night in cities and rural areas in 2007. (two bar charts)

    Writing Task 2: Once children start to go to school, schools influence them on their intellectual and social development more than parents. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

    Part 1:
    – Where are you from?
    – Do you work or study?
    – Do you live in a house or apartment? why?
    – What is your favorite room? Why?
    – Do you think you move home in the future?
    (many other questions that I can’t remember)
    Part 2:
    Describe a time you used public transport.
    Part 3:
    (Most of questions were about public transportation)
    – Is there any public transportation in the place you live?
    – Why should people use public transportation?
    – What can governments do to encourage people to use public transport?
    – What are the the advantages of using public transportation?
    – What are the disadvantages of using public transportation?
    – Nowadays many people use their private cars even for very short distances. Why?
    – Do people in your culture like to be on time? Why?
    – Do you like to be on time? Why?
    – Is it good to make many friends? Why?
    …And some other questions…

    I want all IELTS candidates to smile on the day of the exam. It will relieve your stress and affect your score. (My smile made my examiner friendly and she started to smile as well).
    Best Regards,

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