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    Hello :)
    Test date: 21st April 2018
    Country: Malaysia
    Module: Academic
    Writing Task 1: Line Graph
    The graph shows population of people by age group in Japan in 1961, and a forecast to 2040.
    Writing Task 2: Positive/Negative
    Organised tours are going to remote places and communities more and more. Do you think this a positive or negative development for the local people and the environment?
    Speaking (17/4/18)
    PART 1:
    Where do you live
    How long
    How far is it from there to here
    Have you ever taken any part-time or full-time jobs
    What did you want to work as when you were a child
    Do you use any phones or device frequently.
    What apps are most commonly used
    Why do you use them for
    Would you like to own any other app
    Would you like to create an app
    PART 2: Describe a photo taken of you that you like
    who took the photo
    why did you remember it
    Reasons why you like it
    PART 3:
    Do you think it requires special skills of a person to take photography at important events.
    What are some of the examples of important events.
    What are the qualities of a good news photographer.
    Do you think that paintings can be replaced by digital copies in the future.
    Do you think the idea towards digital image will change given the knowledge of editing.
    Do think images or written articles is more powerful.

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