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    I had my speaking test on the 19th April and my LRW test on the 21st of April.
    Type : General
    Location: Madurai
    Date: 21/04/2018
    Section 1 fill in the blanks about booking a course
    Section 2 Hobson Park in New Zealand, choose the best option and label the map
    Section 3 Two match tutor speaking about a maths project, choose the best option
    Section 4 Topic on Marketing, fill in the blanks.
    Section 1 Part 1 was about Greyhound Buses and Part 2 was about parks and campfires.
    Section 2 Part 1 was Paternity leave entitlement and Part 2 was about a company policy for new joiners.
    Section 3 was about an Egyptian archaeologist.
    Task 1: Write a letter to your builder about a recent work he had done and you are not happy about the work he has done.
    *what was the work
    *why you are not happy about it
    *what would you like him to do
    Task 2: Recent days films and music is available online free. Is it a positive development or negative development.
    Speaking: 19th April 2018
    I am not remembering the exact questions.
    Part 1:
    What is your name?
    Do you work or study?
    Did you receive any training for your work?
    Will you need training related to your work in the future?
    Have you traveled on a boat?
    Do you like traveling on a boat? I said no so she asked me why not?
    Do you think that many people in your country would have traveled on boats?
    Will you buy a boat in future?
    Cue Card:
    Talk about a person who is a good parent.
    *who is that person
    *from when do you know this person
    *why do you think this person makes a good parent
    Part 3: Parenting and teenagers
    Do you think we should give freedom to teenagers
    Has parenting changed from before and now
    What skill is important for parenting

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