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    Hello all ,
    Appeared for academic ielts in Lusaka,Zambia.
    Speaking test was on 22nd June
    Topic was about study n my introduction in part 1
    Part 2 was about neighbour
    Part 3 was about time management.
    It was good overall in speaking.
    Then comes the big hurdle of listening ,reading and writing.. held on 24th June
    Listening was bit tricky.
    Reading was difficult with paraphrased answers in passage 3 ,which was about message in coral (it was difficult )
    Passage 1&2 were ok.passage 1 was about windmills and 2 was about navigation.both passages 1&2 was ok but passage 3 was very difficult .
    Next , writing … it was peanuts
    Writing task 1 was about small local museum and its surroundings in year 1957 and 2007.
    Writing task 2 was about doctors recommend that older people should do regular exercise .however,many older people do not take regular exercise .
    What can be the reason?
    What can you do to encourage them to do regular exercise ?

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