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    module ACADEMIC
    ludhiana ,punjab
    examiner name was soniya datta
    speaking > whats your full name ?
    where do you live ?
    how the area look like ?
    how often you go to cinema ?
    did you like to go in cinema to watch movies when you was child ?
    is here any difference between your preference to watch movies in present as compare to past ?
    what is the difference between the way of entertainment in modern era as people used to be?
    do you like sun glasses ?
    how often you wear ?
    why you wear ?
    do u like to buy expensive sun glasses ? i said no then she asked why ?
    would you like to give sun glasses as a gift to anyone ?
    PART 2
    describe a teenager you know
    who is he or she
    do u like him or her
    why you like
    when you meet ?
    PART 3
    is the behaviour of children better as compare to teenager ?
    other questions were almost related with right age of responsibility ? childhood , teenager , old age attitude ?

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