IELTS Exam – Ludhiana – June 6 2017

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    Hello, I am Jagdev SinghMy speaking test was on 01/06/2017 in Ludhiana under IDP. My examiner was foreigner, she is about 50.
    Basic Questions-
    1. What is your name?
    2. How can I call you during the interview?
    3. Are you Student or worker?
    4. What is you qualification?
    5. Which type of neighbors live near your home?
    6. In which type of neighbors you like?
    7. When you knew about them?
    8. Do your neighbors help you and others?
    Describe a piece of cloth
    > What is it
    > From where got it
    > Why you like/ dislike this piece of cloth
    1. Are you like to surf on internet?
    2. Do you like shopping?
    3. What do think the shopping on internet is beneficial or not?
    4. Do you like shopping on internet?
    5. What are the benefits of internet shopping?
    6. In which type of people do not like the internet shopping?
    7. Which you like the most on internet shopping?
    8. Do you know globaAtulation?
    9. In which type of clothes are liked by the older people and youngsters?
    10. Do you think the clothes show the personality of person?
    11. How globaAtulation impacts the industriaAtulation of your country?
    12. What do you think about politeness and expression?
    13. Are the people of your country polite?
    14. How they treat with old people and children?

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