IELTS Exam – London – June 3 2017

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    Speaking part: on 02/06/2017, London.1.Name?
    2. Where are you from?
    3. Do you want to live in the future there?
    4. What is the importance of your home?
    5. Do you remember your dreams?
    6. Do you know the meaning of your dreams?
    7. Do you have one close friend or many friends? Why?
    8. How much time do you spend with your friends?
    Part 2:
    Speech you heard recently?
    – who was the speaker?
    – where you heard it?
    – what was the talk about?
    Part 3:
    1.Do you often listen to the talks? Why?
    2.Who gives talks ?
    3. Do you think it is easy to give talks in schools? Why?
    4. Do you think children listen carefully?
    5. How visual aids helps to understand talks?
    6. Why do people get nervous when they give speech?
    03/06/2017 London.
    Writing task 1:
    The given two bar charts shows school aged boys and girls and higher education students males and females from four different places percentages in 2000 year. Compare and write it in your own words.
    Writing task 2:
    Some people thinks that criminal activities can be reduced by implementing long prison sentences. However, others think that it can be reduced effectively by alternative ways. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

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