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    Today, I took my written part from Ljubljana, Slovenia.
    1. Listening questions were moderate and interesting part is that i got 4 questions (ques. no. 6 to 10) fully common what i practiced before .
    2. Reading
    Passage 1- New-Zealand Owl (Gaps, True/false/not given)
    Passage 2- Effect of TV commercials on children (para-matching, quotation matching and Gaps with clues)
    Passage 3- Training programs for teachers in Hongkong (Gaps without clues, Yes/no/not given, MCQ)
    3. Writing-
    Task 1- Oranges, apples, and grapes production in Japan, Mexico, Singapore and Turkey
    Task 2- Many think to travel abroad is a good way to explore different countries whereas others believe, TV and internet are enough to know countries. Discuss the both views and give your opinion

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